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Author: Larry Cohen Date of publish: 8/8/2009 Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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Namyats is a convention that employs a 4-of-a-minor opening to show a strong 4-of-a-major opening.

4♣ = A strong 4♥ opening

4♦ = A strong 4♠ opening

What does "strong" mean?  Let's assume you deal with nobody vulnerable. Consider these two hands:

A) ♠5
♥K Q J 10 7 6 5 3
♦4 3
♣5 4

B) ♠--
♥A Q J 10 8 7 6 2
♦K Q 2
♣4 3

With both hands, you'd like to preempt 4♥ to make it difficult on the opponents. The first hand is somewhat normal, but the 2nd hand is really too good to preempt--you could easily miss a slam. Playing Standard, I'd open Hand A) with 4♥, but Hand B) with 1♥.

Playing Namyats, you still open Hand A) with 4♥, but can open Hand B) with 4♣ to tell partner you have "extra."

The exact amount of extra depends on vulnerability and position. If vulnerable, a 4-level preempt is sound to begin with, so a Namyats opening would be even better than sound. Still, the hand can't be too strong; I would open 2♣, not Namyats (4♦) with: ♠A K Q J 8 7 6 2
♥A Q
♦A 3



After a Namyats opening, the partner has several choices. With no slam interest, he will sign-off in 4-of-the-shown major. With mild slam interest, he can bid the in-between-step. For example, after a 4♣ opening, say responder holds: ♠A 8 7 6 5
♦A J 5 4
♣K 8 3
. He can bid 4♦ to say : Pard, I am mildly interested--if you have a little extra, please cooperate with me. This bid says nothing about diamonds--it is completely artificial. The partner of a Namyats opener can also use Blackwood, control-bid, or just bid a slam.


When is it on?

The partnership must discuss if this is on in all 4 seats. Also, you lose the ability to open a 4-level preempt in a minor. Some pairs using Namyats play that a 3NT opener shows a 4-of-a-minor preempt.


In case you haven't noticed, if you spell Namyats backwards, you will see a very familiar convention.


Updated: June ,2012


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